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Snowflakes 1 Cooling Pillow Mat

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Product details

Product Introduction

Stay comfortable all night long with this cooling pillow pad that keeps your pillow just the right temperature so you don't have to flip it. The pad's special design circulates liquid to absorb and release body heat, cooling your body while you sleep and providing exceptional comfort. Place the pad in your pillow or place under your back or legs for relief fromheadaches, migraines, fevers, sunburns, back pain, and more.

The Cool Gel Mat absorbs body heat and provides cooling relief for two~six hours, thanks to its revolutionary gel core. When you use this gel mat, body temperature is decreased, providing relief for night sweats, hot flashes and restless sleep. You can also use it as a cool pack for muscle aches and pains. The cold gel mat is non-toxic, so it can safely come in contact with skin or be placed under a pillowcase or sheet. No source of energy or refrigeration is needed, so it can be taken just about anywhere. The cooling mat can be used over and over, and should be stored away from direct heat.

Revolutionary gel core absorbs body heat

Provides cooling relief for two~six hours; easily refreshes itself while you move

Decreases body temperature to promote a good nights sleep

Cold gel mat helps relieve night sweats and hot flashes

Can safely come in contact with skin or placed under a sheet or inside pillowcase

Designed to be used most anywhere, over and over again

No source of energy or refrigeration required

Blue self-cover with non-toxic gel center

Hand wash only, air dry

Store away from direct heat at room temperature


Product feature and application

Are you Hot Flashes,or Head Aches?

Are you tired of tossing and turning all night?

Cool gel pad can keep you cool automatically without electricity. You can enjoy its coolness and softness, especially in hot days. Whether you choose to slide it inside your pillowcase or lie directly on top of it, our gel mat is soft, comfortable and won’t interrupt your sleep patterns.


Perfect size designed to fit your pillow

Soothes hot flashes, fevers, and night sweats Foldable and easy to clean up

No water and no leaking

Elastic cool gel filler

Great for relieving head and neck pain

High efficiency cool process



Production details

To help make the coolness last longer, you can try the following:

Put the pillow mat in the fridge or freezer for a few hours before using it. (Please note that the gel cool mat may harden if left in the freezer for too long.)

Place a towel over the gel cooling mat instead of lying directly on it. This will help the coolness to disperse gradually and prolong the time in which the gel pillow pad picks up heat from your head or body.

Some customers place the mat under their gel pillow mat after freezing it (works for thinner pillows). This way, it's not too cold to lie on and the coolness can seep through gradually over a longer period of time.

As the ambient temperature rises, it will become more difficult for the cool gel pillow pad to dissipate the heat. In this case, it may be best to use it with some air conditioning (presumably not set as high as if you were sleeping without the cool gel pillow mat.)

No need electricity,battery and other outer sources and is an ideal product to save energy and money.


Product qualification

Non-toxic SGS test report. It does no harm for people body and Pets.

There is no dangerous Even if children or pet eat the filling material’’Phase Change Material’’.

Low carbon and eco-friendly.

When cool mat in bad condition and its treatment method?

There are four reasons why large particles appear when cool mat restore or cannot restore

1. Not put flat

2. The reset time is too long

3. Put it in the fridge or near to the high temperature object

4. The ice mat exposure to high temperature (such as in summer, this product in the sealed car placed too long), the performance of filler will change, it will be more difficult to restore.

The Cool Mat works by absorbing and releasing heat to keep you cool. The Cool Mat's materials changes from solid to liquid as it absorbs heat when in use, and this process can last up to 6-8 hours. When it is not in use, The Cool Mat will start releasing heat and become solid again, where you can use it to keep yourselves cool.

The optimum temperature for The Cool Mat to effectively release heat is 30 Centigrade or below, or if you want The Cool Mat to be extra cool, you can leave it in the fridge before use!



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A: Sure,it can be done based on your design.

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