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Snowflakes 2 Cooling Chill Pillow Pad

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Product details

Product Introduction

To help make the coolness last longer, you can try the following:

Put the cool pillow mat in the fridge or freezer for a few hours before using it. (Please note that the gel cool mat may harden if left in the freezer for too long.)

Place a towel over the gel cooling mat instead of lying directly on it. This will help the coolness to disperse gradually and prolong the time in which the gel pillow pad picks up heat from your head or body.

Some customers place the mat under their gel pillow mat after freezing it (works for thinner pillows). This way, it's not too cold to lie on and the coolness can seep through gradually over a longer period of time.

As the ambient temperature rises, it will become more difficult for the cool gel pillow pad to dissipate the heat. In this case, it may be best to use it with some air conditioning (presumably not set as high as if you were sleeping without the cooling gel pillow mat.)


Production details

A new high tech way to keep cool in your everyday lives.

These medical grade pads are filled with a harmless gel that delivers a cooling effect when in contact with your body.

Helpful for many ailments. Good for headaches, sunburn, hot feet, hot flushes or just to cool down.

Also suitable to combat high temperatures or increased body heat due to medication.The cool gel pad helps to relieve the symptoms of overheating. This includes temperatures caused by flu and fevers, but also hot flushes as a result of menopause.


Helps to relieve the symptoms of overheating

Pressure relief better support and a cooler night’s sleep...

Ideal for flu and fevers

100% Safe and clean

Environmental friendly

These cool pads have multi uses:


Yoga mat

Pet cushion

Car seat cushion

Laptop cushion


Cool Gel Pad for Pillow:

Size: 40cm x 30cm

When you're feeling too hot to handle, the cooling mat is an instant relief. The flexible cooling mat contains a special gel that is naturally cool to the touch, and retains even more coolness when kept in the fridge.

This product perfect for keeping night sweats at bay and helping you catch up on sleep - or you can easily drape it over the back of a chair to keep cool while you work, or even while driving. The naturally cool gel provides a cooling effect even when the mat hasn't been in the fridge.



Q:Why do women with menopause love this product?

A:"This really helps me to cool down when I'm having lots of hot flushes in the night. I can sleep better when I put this on my pillow, and I never travel without it. I drape it over my legs or back when I'm getting too warm."

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